Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Book is on its second submission!

Hello all this journey to having my first book published has gotten real!  I am prayerfully awaiting a proposal from my second submission since the editing of my book was finished.  My first submission was through Destiny Image a Christian publishing company. They turned me down. They gave me a line about they only have a space for so many "new" authors a year etc etc. They asked me SO many questions regarding my current platform, famous influential contacts, and social media followers. That was a turn off. I figured they were going to base their decision on wether I had a ton of twitter followers? And when they  turned me down,  I asked and they said it does carry some weight. Figures! smh.  I know that I can self publish or just pay an independent company. But for this first book I REALLY wanted it to go through a traditional publisher primarily one that is well known because I wanted to carry that familiar name to help me get in certain book stores.  Also I didn't want to have to come up with all of this money for some package deal through a self publishing company that doesn't help with marketing, or an Independent that may take all of my royalty money.    But I don't know we will see how this pans out.   Createspace is going to be  a third choice for me.  I have everything done really with the exception of purchasing my Isbn# and having my cover illustrated. 

My second submission is through Creation house aka Charisma they couldn't offer me traditional publishing but offered a Co-publishing option. That was a first one for me. I had never heard of that.  They explained that basically they would put a proposal together (free of charge) and I could accept or deny. My benefit is to carry their name, receive their marketing, and everything that comes along with being on that team etc.  So we shall see I am waiting on their proposal. 

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