Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time to Submit my Edited Manuscript!!!

That stock photo above does the perfect job in expressing how I feel bout FINALLY finishing my book!!!   I haven't been blogging about(not sure why I fell off with the, but such as life!)  But I am cranking back up as the next level of this journey is in full swing.   The final pages  of my writing was completed in October 2014 actually. YES I know!!    My  book was lying patiently by,  waiting, as I decided on how I would move forward with  editing and publishing companies.! (folks this is more difficult than getting up the motivation to write and finish your book, man!) 

   To me this is a very crucial part of the future of this book. Accountable To God.  With all of the self publishing, print on demand, and independent publishers and editing companies out there it was a lot to sort through, as this book is God's baby, and I am the co-parent!  Finding the right editor/publisher for me is like searching for the best daycare provider for a newborn child. I am super protective, over this manuscript!   Of course I always think of going the traditional route, but honestly was a little intimidated about that idea until now.  Will fill you in on that later!  But I met the prefect company to proof read and edit my manuscript.   Executive Business Writing out of  Moreno Valley, CA.    Beverly Crockett is amazing!  She completely understood my purpose, heart, and voice.  She was able to proofread, edit, and format my manuscript and get it ready for print pretty quickly, and kept me connected to what she was doing with it the entire time.  Working with this company was so refreshing, she was very personable, approachable, and encouraging.  

 The final work was very professional looking, and I already felt like I was looking at a published copy of my book, without the  Book Covers.   

 I am at the door of getting this manuscript submitted for publishing and marketing!  (I am doing my grateful dance!!)    I am in the middle of my book proposal and should be submitting it to a traditional publishing company that caters to  Christian writers and readers.  Most of the books they publish are self- help christian,  or Inspirational Christian messages. My book Accountable to God, falls into this category perfectly!         I will be back here soon,  to update on how that is going.  My prayer is that it will be ready for print no later than Spring 2016!