Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Writer's Drought!

These pages aren't going to write themselves? 

Okay, I need help, so please pray! I have not written in my book since May of this year. I don't know why I can't anchor down, focus on this assignment, and finish it.  I in good faith can not call this writer's block. It is a drought! And what's sad is I have a drought every year with this same book? 

 This is a really good book, and I only have two chapters left. Since my last post I added another chapter so that also put me a little behind. I also hired a professional editor and they've  red striped every other line, giving me even more work to do out side of writing.  Now it's not that I've been idle.  I have been writing just not in this book that I have vowed to finish and get published year after year!  I know this book is the work of God because I have been hindered so much that it is ridiculous!? But when I do manage to write something it is spirit revelation. There is no way that I could write some of this content on my own. This is good stuff, I have to finish and get this book out.  

 I've researched self publishing, marketing strategies for my book etc. I've been trying to find ways to earn extra money writing articles so that I can fund my self publishing efforts, as well as turn writing  into my dream career.(That's another post for another day)  All of this stuff is productive work, but  its keeping me from actually writing on the pages of this book which is the priority!   

My prayer:  

"Lord I pray for rain. I am in a serious drought with this work that you have given me.  Please forgive me for not being focused enough to finish. I know that you could have called anyone to write this particular book and you chose me. Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over any hindrance,  or procrastination spirit that will try to keep me from completing your work. I bind slothfulness. I loose diligent obedience to you in this specific matter. Let it overtake me until it is finished!  Please help me to fill the pages of this book with your words only and let them be eternally healing to the reader.  Help me to successfully edit it in a timely manner as well. 

I know Lord that if I focus I could finish this book before the Fall begins.  I know Lord that once it is finished that you will do the rest of the work. You have already gone before me.  I can do all things through Christ that Strengthens me, There is nothing too hard for you. I thank you for your strength and I thank you for victory in Jesus' name Amen."    

Okay that's it, it's done...drought over, I'm finishing!      

Be blessed until next time! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Back! With Two Chapters Left

Okay, it is a new season for me. I have been writing in my book  AGAIN. I took a pretty long break, it's embarrassing how long of a break. I don't know what my problem is sometimes but I was a huge procrastinator around the 6th chapter of my book, Accountable To God.  I think it was a mixture of intimidation and laziness. The subject matter had become quite intimidating for me and I wasn't even sure if I could write about it?! It was pretty tough, so I took a long hiatus. But now I am finally ready to finish this book. I have to because if I'm not clear on anything else, I know God wants me to write this book!  I went through a few trials and a few milestones and triumphs, got some more wisdom under my belt and got through it! I mean God got me through it you guys. So I only have two chapters left and I will be done finally! I am embarrassed to say how long I have been writing this book, its seriously should not take anyone this long to finish a book, but I guess that's what happens when you stop writing all together.  I actually decided to add one more chapter after overlooking everything and I think this will be pretty good for my first published book.

I have started looking in to self publishing really heavy and marketing. Its a lot of information out there but I have found some pretty helpful leads. If you are interested check out   http://www.self-publishing-coach.com/  The owner of this website  post so many useful tips. She's very knowledgeable and she makes it easier.      

My Next Goal:

Finish the last two chapters! While I'm doing this I will be looking for an editor, (I am not sure who to start with on that) and then I also want to hire someone to professionally design my cover.  I really want to do this the correct way, I don't want to end up writing a book for the sake of saying I wrote one and end up with hundreds of copies sitting in storage!? Or in the trunk of my car.(wait keeping them in the trunk of my car is not a bad idea?)   I feel good!

Well until next time!