Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do Traditional Publishers have auto reject buttons?!??

Rejected again  

OH my goodness.  Can you say disconcerting!??  I have been declined by another traditional publisher that claims to accept first time authors.   This is very nerve wrecking.    Trying to get your first book published by a traditional publisher is like running into a steal wall over and over again. It seems as though they have an automatic reject button for new authors? 

"What? You're a first time Author?  Sorry." 

 I know this is nothing new. I've heard it before over the years before finishing my manuscript. I also visited a Christian writing conference a few years ago and heard many reasons  why traditional publishers rarely entertain new authors.  I took note of that,  but I really wanted to be one of the exceptions to this rule.  Lol.  Not saying that I won't try again, but man, I'm wondering how many TP submissions it would take to get a book deal?   On the flip side, I can say I am thrilled that they did get back with me fairly soon.

 Neither publisher made me wait for a ridiculous amount of time. So to that I am grateful. The second publishing company offered a co-publshing alternative with them. Those prices were very similar to a independent publishing company's package deals.  They even had a self publishing  package deal.  I was not impressed. It was SO expensive, and over priced. You are basically paying for the name of a widely known publishing company's brand to be on your book, and they share their marketing platform. 

You've got to know famous people? 

My experience with these companies is that they want you to have a large social media following, on multiple SM platforms.  They also want you to have big name connections and an established speaking engagement circuit or outlet to help market your book.   Question: If I am a first time Author, why would I already have this established? There is no book available "for sale"  for me to talk about???   Most of the questions that I received on my first submission was how many influential big name ministries, and Pastors am I associated with.   I know they want to make sure that they can sell my book but I felt like it was THE  determining factor for these traditional  publishing companies.  If I have so many big name connections to help me sell and market my book, why would I need the TP to help me get exposure and to sell my book??  I could self publish and market on Amazon.   Most people go directly to amazon to purchase books.  If I already had thousands of folks  lined up to buy my book why would I need a TP?  I could get my own ISBN#s and retain ALL  my royalties, and publish it my self,  am I missing something with this? 

Self Publishing in progress! 

I've always had this option  in mind during this whole TP submission process, but wanted to try traditional first.  Now I have started  seriously looking into Create space and LULU for self publishing.  They seem to be the most cost effective route for me right now.   Also,  I am dealing with some sellers on Fivver trying to get a book cover concept delivered. I can't tell you how many people I've sent this to.  


Dealing with fivver has not been as quick and smooth as I thought it would be.  I don't understand why something so simple as accepting or declining a request for service  is so hard for some of these sellers on Fivver.   And most of these people that I have requested service from came recommended!    

(I am also trying to use  Fivver to help me create a logo for my Natural Hair Care Business and that has not been smooth either.)   One, Artist/Seller quit or got fired by Fivver (I'm not quite sure which,  but it was  right in the middle of our first amendments to their logo concept.  Next thing I know my money had been refunded to my fivver account,  and the seller was no longer available on Fivver.  What?? They offered no explanation and I had to start over with pitching another artist.  SOOOO frustrating?  

Having a published author and  writing industry professional as  a "unofficial" mentor helps! 

I am definitely grateful that I do have someone "mentoring" and helping me.  I didn't ask her to be my mentor, but I am adopting her as one.  LOL.  This woman has been a God-send.  She has her own writing business, Executive Business Writing out of California.   She is the one responsible for  proof reading, and editing  my book. Stellar professional! Customer service was phenomenal she always kept the lines of communication open and she finished the project in a timely manner.    She did a spectacular job,  my manuscript is  beautiful, and its just waiting for a cover and someone to publish or print it.  I  am  definitely blessed to have her hold my hand throughout this process. 

Lesson Learned    

If I knew it was going to be this difficult I would have tried to finish this book sooner! Or I could have continued doing submissions while  I was writing.  The hard work begins after it's written!  I definitely didn't expect my book to still be un published going on  4 months after completion.


Trust me I have been praying diligently on this.  Finance has been a factor s well.   

Okay, I just wanted to update.  I'm going to keep writing and keep chipping away with my publishing  efforts of Accountable to God.  GOD wanted me to write it so He will make a way for it to get in the hands of all who need it.   

Praying my next update will be a progressive one.     Until Next Time! 

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